About Charles

Hi, Charles here! I help people reach their health and nutrition goals using rapid transformational therapy, clinical nutrition and western herbal medicine. I have a unique approach where I use the mind-body healing techniques Hypnotherapy and emotional freedom technique (EFT), and I combine them with clinical nutrition and herbal medicine. I became interested in hypnotherapy, EFT and nutritional medicine while on my own healing journey. I suffered from PTSD after serving time in the British army, and later I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis- a progressive autoimmune condition. I made it my mission to heal myself through natural means. Using complementary therapies, I managed to regain my physical and mental health which has inspired me to use the same methodology to help others.

My Services

I help people with a whole range of conditions, including and not limited to:

  • Autoimmune disease, ankylosing spondylitis and chronic pain – I lived through years of pain and inflammation caused by ankylosing spondylitis. I spent those years using my nutrition and herbal medicine background to find answers on how I could be free from pain and inflammation without depending on pharmaceutical drugs. I am now writing a book and an online program chronicling my journey while sharing the protocol I used to be symptom-free. Meanwhile, I am now seeing clients with autoimmune conditions providing RTT therapy, EFT, and nutritional coaching to help others reduce their pain and symptoms.
  • PTSD, Anxiety and Depression – I use RTT therapy and EFT to assist my clients with mental health issues. I use the same techniques I used to overcome PTSD, depression, and anxiety from time served in the British Army and other trauma sustained through life and bad relationships. After healing old wounds, I use the same techniques to coach my clients to be the happiest and most optimistic versions of themselves while pursuing their goals and dreams.
  • Self Confidence, Self-love and Self-esteem – having low self-confidence and self-worth can limit the way you live life, your relationships and how you turn up in the world. “The biggest disease affecting humanity: I’m not enough.” – Marisa Peer. RTT therapy and EFT can help boost confidence and self-esteem which will directly enhance your life and relationships.
  • Sports and athletic performance enhancement – Using the latest sports nutrition, hypnotherapy, meditation and visualisation, I help athletes, and sports professionals take their performance to the next level.
  • Men’s health, erectile dysfunction and libido issues. Combining both the psychological and nutritional approach. I help men improve their sexual health.
  • Sleep and insomnia. I help clients overcome sleep issues using hypnotherapy, nutrition and herbal medicine.
  • Exam success – Hypnotherapy can be used to remove any emotional blockages to exam success while programming the mind for better memory focus and exams success.
  • Addictions, quit smoking and alcoholism – RTT therapy and EFT can be used to help people overcome addictions.
  • Weight loss – I use both diet and lifestyle to help clients achieve a healthy weight and hypnotherapy to help remove any emotional issues that may be causing dietary excess.
  • Type 2 Diabetes – There are a few therapeutic diets that can help manage type 2 diabetes. I help the client manage their diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes. 
  • Therapeutic diet protocols – Diet templates such as the ketogenic, paleo, vegan, DASH, Gaps diets can be applied to achieve a health outcome.


Diploma of health science (western herbal medicine)
Bachelor of health science (clinical nutrition – final year student)
Rapid tranfformational therapy (Hypnotherapy –  Marisa Peer Method)
Emotional Freedom Technique

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